Fr., 08. März | Artedoc - Praxis für Arbeitsmedizin

Female Art of Crossing Cultures

Am internationalen Frauentag ist die Bühne für ein ganz besonderes Konzert mit sieben wundervollen Künsterinnen aus aller Welt bereit. Sie kommen aus dem Iran, Deutschland, Italien, Polen/Tschechien, Deutschland/Russland, Türkei und Israel. Wir feiern die Vielfalt, die Musik und die Weiblichkeit.
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Female Art of Crossing Cultures

Zeit & Ort

08. März 2019, 20:00 – 23:00
Artedoc - Praxis für Arbeitsmedizin, Chausseestraße 8/Aufgang C, 10115 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Artists: We are 7 women that we might speak in different languages, we might have different religions or we might have totally different life back grounds but there has been something in a deeper level in common within all of us which made us interested in meeting and connecting to each other in this town. And 8th of march as the International women's day is an important reason for all of us to come together in one place to have the chance to connect, share and exchange our thoughts with you. The main focus in this event is to learn more about the life and working rights of the other women artists in different cultures and we discuss more about our own role as women artists in this society about the different cases. We might live far from each other but sometimes a voice, a song, a film, a text can travel much further than what we could even imagine. Let's share, let's connect. Change happens when women come together. In this evening there will be presentations, film screening and music performances by 7 following Artists coming from Iran, Israel, Germany, Italy, Poland/Czech, Germany/Russia and Turkey:

Yalda Yazdani, Anat Tuvia, Valentina Bellanova, Petra Nachtmanova, Saskia Baumgart, Lilia Keller, Selda Atlas-Temür

The ticket fee includes a drink and a snack. In the event women and men are welcome.

  • Female Art of Crossing Culture
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